free remix of my favorite house track ever

New 3 track ep.

Elastic Beatz Radio Guest Mix / Von Pixel Live Mix

most of these tracks will be releasing at some point over the next month or two

0- intro
1- eat the club / von pixel 
2- feels / von pixel 
3- nite juice / von pixel 
4- lag switch / von pixel 
5- howse / von pixel 
6- it’s only 5am / von pixel 
7- bad drugs / von pixel 
8- stranger fitness / von pixel 
9- untitled 33 / von pixel 
10- glitter dub / von pixel
11- in love again / red rack’em


Things are still happening, but Ive gone purposely dark about the game for the time being. Its ages away blah blah so on. 

No new releases for another month or two. But then 2 EPs. 

So in mean time, eat the club. Free download


They wanna be me

Bootleg remix of RuPaul’s Cover Girl.

A 23 minute mini mega mix of Unreleased and original tunes from my self.

1 - Sunrise Kush (0531 version)- Von Pixel
2 - Drunk Mario Kart (mouthwash version) - Von Pixel
3 - Howse - Von Pixel
4 - Untitled 33 - Von Pixel

download enabled

A compilation of the 4 free tracks I gave away this year. I got a few friends who will be turning in remixes soon.

(if you are wondering whats going on with Heavy Shell- don’t worry things are still very alive).

Another free tune to eat your dreams